What Our Clients Say

I was having severe back pain for the last 2 years and became worse after doing river rafting @ Rishikesh. On MRI scanning it has found that my disc is bulged and compressing the nerve root. The ortho specialist advised immediate surgery. As per the reference of my friend I visited Agastya Ayurvedic Medical Center and the doctor advised 12 days of natural treatment. With God's grace, my pain vanished within 5 days of treatment and I am very happy with Agastya treatment which is 100% safe and natural without any chemicals.

Jithin Chand


I came here with my mother for her back pain (which she had for few years) and had the treatment done for 10 days (She is 68 BTW). She tried may different treatments in the past and none worked but this was just like a miracle... Her back pain is gone and she is completely back to normal. Doctors and staff here is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I am pleased with their service and glad that we chose this place. We highly recommend them!

Arjun Rohini

I was treated at Agasthya Ayurvedic center for acute back pain following Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse about 6 years back. I was admitted for 21 days and was given various Ayurvedic treatment procedures. Recovery was slow unlike other medical treatment but I was completely alright by about 6 months. I never had to look back after that. Thanks to Dr. Bose and team for their excellent ,dedicated work. I would not hesitate to recommend this center for others with this kind of medical problem at any time.

Dr.Aniamma Mathew